Five Reasons You Should Have a Scratching Post for Your Cat

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Cats are going to scratch.  It’s a simple truth which every cat owner eventually comes to accept.  It’s born into them.  It’s in their very nature.  In fact, if they don’t scratch, their stress level can go through the proverbial roof.  So, what can a cat owner do to stop the destruction while making your furry friend happy?  One thing to do is provide a scratching post somewhere in your home.

Why?  Following are five reasons you should be considering providing a cat scratching post.

  1. Scratching marks their territory. In effect, cats are saying ‘this is mine.’. They do this in numerous ways; but, one of the major ones is scratching.  Small glands in their feet deposit scent on the items they scratch.

If you provide a substitute scratching post for your dining room table leg, your furry friend can scratch to their hearts content without causing major damage to furniture or other cherished belongings.

  1. Scratching is exercise. The act of scratching something involves the cat’s entire body.  They reach high and elongated their entire torso.  By doing this, they stretch muscles, tendons, and ligaments.  A good scratching post will be tall enough that the cat has to reach, or climb.  By staying supple, the cat is less likely to be injured if they fall from the top of a tall bookcase or entertainment center.
  2. Scratching reduces stress. While cats constantly scratching may increase their owners stress level, it reduces the stress in cats.  If a cat cannot scratch, they become frustrated and anxious.  With these emotional triggers, the natural urge to scratch actually increases.  Providing a safe place for scratching will actually decrease the need to do so and save valuable furnishing from damage.
  3. Scratching removes the outer husks of the cat’s claws. Cat’s claws or nails, grow much like a human nail.  Removing the outer husk helps to sharpen and trim the claws, and keeps them from splintering, splitting or breaking.
  4. Scratching is just plain old fun for cats. Again, nature has told cats they need to do this, so they do it.

There are many types of scratching posts available on today’s commercial market.  They are manufactured from many different types of material, have different architectural styles and can even be custom built to your specifications.

If you do not have the financial means to purchase a premade or made to order model; or if you have minimal carpentry skills, and a do it yourself attitude, you may be able to construct your own.  A little research and hands on work, may provide you with a scratching post which you and your cat maybe proud of.

In conclusion, for most cats, a scratching post is a necessity.  It provides them with many beneficial activities.  In addition, it will save you, the owner frustration and money in the long run.  A scratching post maybe cheaper than a new table or bed your cat has damaged.

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